Abu Dhabi and Dubai Bareburgers First Restaurants in UAE to Serve Vegan Beyond Burgers

Author: Lauren Wills

Beginning in September, the plant-based Beyond Burger, which looks, cooks, and tastes like real meat, will be served at the chain’s Abu Dhabi and Dubai locations. Customers will have the option to order their vegan burger on a plant-based sprout bun or in a collard wrap, the company confirmed with LIVEKINDLY.

Although not a vegan eatery,Bareburger boasts a multitude of vegan options in a number of its locations around the world. Some of its pre-existing vegan options include the Thai Chia burger, made with a quinoa, chia, and green pea patty and garnished with vegan American cheese and caramelized onions; and the Beyond Sausage, which is served in a pretzel bun with pickled jalapenos, vegan mayo, and avocado basil dressing.