$3M Grant Program Plants Seed Money To Grow More Meat Without Animals

Source: FORBES
Author: Janet Forgrieve

Flooding and high winds from Hurricane Florence killed at least 5,500 pigs and 3.4 million chickens and turkeys, the North Carolina Agriculture Department reported Tuesday, and the numbers are likely to rise. Additionally, reports of damaged or overflowing hog waste lagoons continue to grow.

The results of the storm point to the perils to both animals and people that can stem from current methods of meat production, issues being tackled by a growing number of plant-based and cell-based meat companies as they focus on creating products that more closely resemble meat from animals. A new grant program is part of a push to expand the innovation to academia. This week, the non-profit Good Food Institute announced a $3 million competitive grant program for universities and startups working on plant-based and cell-based meat research.