Future is visible
on the horizon


blue horizon invests in companies with innovative, sustainable and future-proof business models and technologies.

New rules…

Today's global economic architecture is undergoing constant disruption.

 In almost all areas of life, the classical core industries that harm both people and the environment are in retreat. At the same time, the international community is making progress in setting up a global system of sustainable, resource-conserving production and industry standards. More and more countries are committing to future-oriented economic policies with these aims – exercising a significant influence on the regional and global players and markets.

…new strategies

In the world of tomorrow, profit and acting for the common good are no longer in contradiction to each other. Instead, they will become more tightly intertwined. For this reason, the investments and investment projects involving the business models and technologies located within this value triangle will be the most profitable ones.

Today's investors, inventors and developers have the chance to employ new strategies: They can interconnect and inspire each other at the places where old, traditional concepts and ones that have proven to be false are being replaced. Or they can simply leapfrog them and move on. To the place where the future is now beginning.

This future is visible on the horizon. Our mission: To arrive there.

Who we are

blue horizon is a global investment company that invests in companies with innovative, sustainable and future-proof business models and technologies.

We focus on current, fundamental global shifts in nutrition, health, education, energy and technology.

The business models we target must incorporate the relevant state-of-the-art scientific, socio-economic and ecological findings, share synergistic components with other companies in the portfolio, and be scalable and capable of growth.

What we do

blue horizon acts as the lead or co-investor for early-stage investments in companies with environmentally and socio-economically compatible business models targeted at sustainability in the five spheres of business that will be experiencing a comprehensive shift in values and technology in the coming decades.

We participate in emerging markets and sectors with long-term growth potential at the earliest possible stage by acquiring proportional interests in the company’s capital stock.

Our venture capital investments range from seed financing for company start-up and the market launch of the company's product or services to more comprehensive financing rounds for upscaling and expanding established business models.

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How we work

When selecting our investments, we follow the impact before income principle. blue horizon always prioritizes a business principle's long-term potential impact on the stimulation and emergence of new, sustainable economic models and markets and its local, regional or global scalability. Investments in old or bridging technologies are profitable for an extremely limited time and are therefore not the focus of our attention.

impact before income

A business model's individual level of sustainability in view of the global requirements for environmental compatibility, resource efficiency and assured access for all segments of the population is the key indicator of an investment's long-term economic attractiveness. After all, these factors determine whether or not a company will survive in the long run.

The respective company's potential for participation in the blue horizon foundation's development projects is a further factor in deciding whether it is a suitable investment.

invest in synergy

When selecting the investments, the capacity for synergy with the investment projects from other sectors plays a key role alongside the business principle's pioneering orientation. In this way, the supply, exploitation and marketing chains of newly emerging, sustainably operating markets can be optimally supported and prepared for the market.

Unlike the typical risk distribution process of other investment funds, blue horizon relies on a sector-consistent portfolio design that facilitates interconnected cooperation and strategic partnerships among the various companies along the relevant value and supply chain.

partner up

In many regions, sustainable products, business strategies and service concepts have already been established and proven in the technology, food, health, education and energy sectors.

In the places where infrastructure and exploitation chains already exist, blue horizon relies on strategic partnerships with the active, local market players in order to further develop and expand their local, regional or global development, value creation, distribution and sales.

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